I’m one of those people who always knew what she wanted to “do” when she grew up. Since I was young, I’ve been scribbling wedding gowns. In college, I was relieved to find I had the ability to sew and design so I didn’t have to resort to Plan B, which was to go play Belle at Disney World. From the time I spent earning my degree in Fashion Design and learning through immersive internships, it became clear to me that designing mass-produced garments or within the scope of another designer’s vision was not for me. Creating for the individual in a personalized and inspiring environment, each garment for a new friend with a unique story… now that I could do for the rest of my life. This is the essence of custom design, and this is what I am privileged to do.

I'm one of those people who always knew
what she wanted to "do" when she grew up.
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Imagine going shopping for a painting to go above the mantel in your living room. You could go to Hobby Lobby, buy a large print, and have it framed for a nominal amount. Or, you could commission your favorite artist to create on canvas a piece with colors that spoke to you and content that set the tone for the feeling of that space in your home. In both cases, you would end up with a painting above your mantel, but one is a copy that your friend might also have while the other is unique. Based upon that example, I am the artist commissioned to create a custom piece, just for you. Nobody else has one like it. It meets your specifications. You love it.

Wedding gowns do have the first place in my designing heart but are by no means the extent of my product offerings. Are you in a wedding? Going to a wedding? Getting engaged? Going to a gala? Going to an art museum? Going to the symphony? Going to bed? Basically, do you need clothes? I’ve got you covered. Literally.